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We offer payment services from our EMI partners which may assist your business grow. Payment processing services can be take different form starting from on online payment processing through your e-commerce website or payments by phone or via virtual payment terminal  or pay by link in your invoices.

Our payment processing services can accept all major credit cards or debit cards. We also use the latest fraud monitoring online gateways. We can also assist you to integrate all our payment processing services.

What is on the offer?

Payment Gateway

We operate a payment gateway.  It allows transactions between any merchant and consumers. How does it work? When a consumer provides their credit card or debit card details on online payment page, then our payment gateway processes securely the payment. The gateway transmits the payment card details to the acquiring bank and then the payment schemes such as Visa or MasterCard. Once the transaction is completed then the merchant is notified that the payment has been accepted and the money are transferred.

Merchant Account

Any business requires to accept credit card or debit card payments. We can set your online merchant account and offer you with the payments options to start accepting card payment online. How does it work? A customer wishes to buy a product or services by using their credit card or debit card. Then we process and authorise the payment transaction. Once the payment process is completed by us, the money is transferred to merchant account. That’s how it is simple.

Payment By Phone

Business can take payments over the phone through secure and safe virtual terminal, which we can set up for your business. It is a straight forward process which offers many ways for customers to pay you.  How does it work? You can login into our web based interface . Then customer payment details entered into secure payment interface. Then payment is authorised, processed and completed.

Pay By Link

Pay by link is another way to get your customers pay you. You can send an online invoice to your customer. The customer clicks the link on the invoice and proceeds to the payment page where he or she can enter payment details and authorise the payment. Once payment is completed the customer receives the receipt. That’s all.